Unvetted List

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The list will place all new submissions to the top of the list, pushing the rest down. You can promote the same token as many times as you want, putting it back to the top of the list.

If your token is pushed off the top-10 most recent deposits, it will no longer be on the list and you will have to deposit again to get it back onto the top.

Place your token on the list by depositing 2000USDT worth of Iotexchart native toke or Iotex Tokens. This is non-refundable and cant be withdrawn.

Wallet Address : io1pfrz8lmd8v4w447js3g2ezr2nf9t576s2hhf0z

(Must be a valid Iotex token address)

(Must be a valid telegram group url starting with https://t.me/)

After depositing, you will need to wait for some time for our admins to verify you to see your token on the list.